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My Marquee Matchup Predictions (Friday 23rd)

Sorry I'm reposting this, but due to the Post being delayed to a technical problem with reddit, I felt it didn't really reach many people. Hope this time it can reach you :)
Hey guys! Hope you're well. So last Monday I tried to guess the MM that were possible to come out, and sadly nothing happened that day. I think they were good guesses, and I enjoyed making some investments and helping you guys. It's good to give back to this community, as I have clearly profited from some of your tips and guesses.
So this weekend will be full of international matches, the trick is which ones will happen. Rivalries and bigger matches are the most likely to happen, I selected my favourite 4 and tried to guess how they will be (I love to put myself on EA's shoes and try to make a nice puzzle). I added a few other honorable/probable mentions. Here they go:
I featured this one last week, not realizing the game would take place this Friday. So this one is, in my opinion, the most probable of them all, as EA always takes advantage of the long list of players available from the British Isles.
Ireland Wales is a kind of a Derby, and the game is flooded with their players. To make it harder I think EA will give us a squad rating minimum or a minimum number of gold or silver players. With a full bronze squad it would be simply too easy and this match doesn't have the profile to be the one that is a free pack. They will probably focus more on the player ratings as a requirement than the chem, as most of players of this nationality will be from very similar leagues. 85 or 90 chem is my guess.
I myself invested in 3/4 Gold players of each nation from the BPL. No need for the Ramseys and Colemans, the 75-78 rated will suffice. I have a few silvers too, mostly from the Championship. I had the Welsh ones but had to rebuy some Irish silvers because of the St Paddys.
The CONCAFAC Derby! How could this not be here.
For this one the trick should be connecting some Mexican and Costa Rican (?) players through leagues. Probaly EA will make us chase some of the best players of each country through a minimum rare cards or a squad rating, with some high chem (95 would be my guess). There are two ways to do this:
  • The obvious one, through the MLS. There is a reasonable number of players from each nation playing there. I'd pick the silvers up and a few bronzes
  • The less obvious one, but with a higher rating. In Liga NOS, for Costa Rica you can find Bryan Ruiz and Campbell from Sporting, and for Mexico there's Herrera, Corona and Layun from Porto and Gimenez from Benfica. These are mostly cheap gold rares so if there is a squad rating or number of gold rares requirement, it should cover it better than the MLS.
Due to the proximity of these countries and the number of Albanian immigrants in Italy, I'd say we could consider this one as a one-sided derby (Albanians would love to beat Italy, Italy would hate to lose to Albania). Player wise, it should be pretty simple: Make a Calcio A squad with a few Albanians. Surely this one will require 100 chem. Maybe get some hyperlinks of Albanians and Italians from the same club so you can easily adapt to difficult requirements. Calcio B could be a good shout too.
With the constant SBCs that need the high Belgiums players (POTM) and the possibility of one coming, and the fact that there was a Greek League MM recently, it would be classic EA to put this in for both a cleanse and a higher difficulty, even with basic requirements like an easy squad rating, like 70 or 75, and a 90 chem.
There are some Greek players that can connect to Belgians in the EPL, Calcio A has also a few players of each nationality. Might be a good idea to get some cheap ones from those leagues, nad o course an hyper link from the greek league or Pro League would always be welcome.
I wouldn't be in shock if one or a couple of the matches above gets replaced by one of these, because EA is always trying to surprise us:
Games like SPAIN - ISRAEL, ENGLAND - LITHUANIA or LUX - FRANCE are not so probable because one of tha nations really doesn't have an high enough numbers of players to make an SBC and extinct all of them in the process.
Let me know what do you think of your list, I might have missed something, and your bets! Good luck investing :)
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